Now, You Can Bridge The Gap!

We make the miles between
grandparents and grandchildren melt away.
Let’s make your pictures speak volume.

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A new, easy, and hassle-free way to get grandparents and grandkids involved in the lives of each other even with the distance

Encourage Creativity – Art Is Life!

Let your kids’ use Momenty’s Online Drawing Tool to create their masterpieces.

If they are not into drawings, you can also upload more photos of your kids or their school artworks.

Send a note written by you or your children together with the photos and drawings.
Keep the grandparents on the edge of their seat reading and reflecting on your photos and notes “every month”

Affordable Moments

All packages come with any combination of Photos, Drawings and/or Notes (delivered in a beautiful eco-friendly Accordion Album)
MYR 37
per month
  • 12 months
MYR 41
per month
  • 6 months
MYR 45
per month
  • 3 months

The joy of grandparenthood lies on the fact that their children and grandkids are growing, even in creativity.

Let’s put smiles on the faces of those grandparents as we share your kids’ family’s memorable times with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every month, we’ll deliver 16 prints of your choice which can be any combination of Photos, Drawings and/or Notes.
If you are only keen on photos, all you need to do every month is to spend 2 minutes to send 16 photos via WhatsApp.
There is a huge difference between viewing photos online and having the prints in your hand.
It brings satisfaction and even helps them connect more with you.
There is an alternative. You can log in to your account and upload your photos directly in your User Account anytime.
Yes, it’s all within your powers. Simply log in to your User Account to rearrange the photos on the list before the end of any month.
You can delete unwanted photos.
No worries.
We’ll print and the deliver the first 16 items as arranged in your list and the remaining items rollover to following month.
We’ll still print the photos in the list and deliver.We often send a reminder email on the 25th of every month for you to send/upload your photos.
Simply log in to your User Account, and navigate to Artwork and Notes tab.
You’ll see an option to upload Artwork image or allow your children to use our Online Tool to make their creative drawings.
Currently, we ship to Malaysia and Singapore. We’re making efforts to make our deliveries available to other countries.
Kindly contact us with your interest, and we’ll strive to make it happen.
You can always upload more photos instead, and they will be printed accordingly.